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Wordle – New Rules and an NYT Editor for Wordle

According to Newsbytesapp, there are some new rules for Wordle, plus an editor from the New York Times

Wordle was one of the most popular online word games during COVID-19 lockdown. The New York Times purchased it from Josh Wardle for $1 million in January.

It’s hard to believe that less than 90 people used the puzzle app daily just a year ago.

The game’s popularity grew as more people became excited about its unique features and other aspects. NYT has made some improvements to the gaming experience.

NYT will now decide on the daily word puzzle

Tracy Bennett joined NYT in 2020 as an associate puzzle editor. She has been named editor of Wordle and some interesting changes have been made to the word list.

Plurals of three and four-letter words ending in “ES” and “S” will not be included in the list. The NYT stated that it could be GEESE or FUNGI. “FOXES and SPOTS can be used to narrow down the answer, but are not the correct ones.”.

The Wordle gameplay will not change.

“Wordle’s gameplay and answers will remain the same. Answers will be drawn from the basic dictionary of answer words with some editorial adjustments to make sure that the game remains focused on fun, accessible, lively, and varied vocabulary,” stated NYT.

To play Wordle, you must first create a New York Times account. You will receive a daily five-letter puzzle. It is only possible to crack the code six times. To get the next puzzle, however, you’ll need to wait for a few hours.

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