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5 Video Games to Help Children Understand Physics Concepts

Video games can be an excellent way for children to understand physics concepts. For example, in the game Super Mario Galaxy, players must use their platforming skills to jump and reach different areas of the level. This type of physical activity helps develop spatial awareness, which is essential for understanding physics concepts like gravity. 

Some video games are explicitly designed to help children learn about physics concepts. For example, in the game Angry Birds, players must use their bird characters to launch projectiles at structures in order to destroy them. By learning how projectiles move and behave under different circumstances, kids are getting an excellent introduction to basic physics principles.

Virtual platforms can be a powerful medium to help children understand fundamental concepts like sound, motion and gravity.

Isaac Newton’s discoveries in physics might have been more remarkable if he had an Apple iPad and not just an Apple. Your children, however, were born centuries later and had access to smartphones and tablets that can explain inertia and gravity and other motion-based principles better than the apocryphal story of an apple falling from a tree.

Video Games Can Help Children Understand Physics Concepts

Here are five video games to help your little genius understand physics concepts.

  • Tinybop Simple Machines

This game teaches the basics of mechanics such as levers and pulleys, wheels and axles and inclined planes, wedges and screws. The players use these to solve little physics puzzles like using levers for the fortification of a castle or wedges to break open ice boulders.

  • Voyager: Grand Tour
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This game is fun for kids to learn about physics and explore the cosmos. Voyager: Grand Tour allows players to explore our solar system through 3D graphics. 

The Voyager probe and basic principles of physics can be taught to children. 

The players must plan their slingshots to reach planets, avoid hazards, and explore galactic wonders.

  • Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks is a game that allows children to create their own world with blocks. They can face obstacles, build trains, or construct treehouses. The fun open sandbox playground features many types of blocks that serve different purposes. This sandbox playground game can be compared to Minecraft for preschoolers.

  • Tami’s Tower

This game requires players to help Tami build towers in order to get food. Although it may seem simple, you must defy gravity to avoid Tami being defeated by other animals. This game is a great way to teach kids the basic principles of engineering and physics.

This educational game is specifically designed to teach children the basics of engineering design and how to solve problems.

  • Phys1

This puzzle game challenges players to use their creativity and tools to solve various problems related to physics. Although Phys1 is not for everyone, it has a steep learning curve. However, the challenge of solving problems can be a great way to gain knowledge. Every challenge is different so that you won’t face the same one twice.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, video games can be an excellent way for kids to learn about physics concepts. They can learn about gravity, collision detection, and more.

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By playing video games, your little genius will better understand these important concepts. Now go out and have some fun!

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